Chris Pish Fest

Today we said a sad goodbye to Chris Pish.  and his memory lives on forever.

In support of Chris and his wife Sue, there is a benefit event that has been organized to help offset Piscitelli’s medical bills .  Please join us this coming Monday, January 27, with neighborhood establishments Kevin’shome/madeFort Defiance, the Good ForkGrindhaus, and more.  HOSTED BY  Hometown BBQ. Tickets are $100; more information can be

chris pish fest.


Hello Friends of Chris and Sue.

January 19, 2014
Christopher “Pish” Piscitelli, of Red Hook, Brooklyn, died January 18, 2014, in NY Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York City. Chris was a beloved bartender at both the Red Hook Bait & Tackle and at Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook. He formerly worked at the Thomas House in Dublin, Ireland. Chris was well known for his tremendous capacity for trivia, his unrivaled ability to tell it like it is, and his incredible generosity in friendship. He is survived by his wife, Sue Williams; his father, Dominick Piscitelli; his mother, Barbara Piscitelli; his sisters Star and Vanessa; his nephews; and thousands of loyal friends and bar regulars.

A wake will be held Tuesday, January 21st from 2-5pm and 7-9pm at Scotto Funeral Home, 106 1st Place, Brooklyn. On Wednesday, January 22nd, there will be a ceremony at the Funeral Home beginning at 9am, followed by a memorial salute at the Red Hook Bait & Tackle, 320 Van Brunt Street. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to WFMU Radio, the American Cancer Society, or Social Tees Rescue.

and the Bait and Tackle will be holding a pot luck on Wednesday afternoon.

We thank everyone for the support and kind words over the past month.

Chris and Sue need our help,
December 20th, 2013

As you probably know thanks to the wonders of Facebook, Chris has a 3cm mass in his brain.  While we know it is Stage IV Melanoma requiring targeted radiation treatment, we do not yet know the full prognosis, and we do know that Chris won’t be able to work for a while and Sue will be busy caring for him.  We also know that between mounting medical expenses and loss of income, Chris and Sue need our help. Any contribution made will make a difference and will go directly to Chris and Sue, helping them manage medical and living expenses.

A link to their PayPal account is provided below for your kind and generous donations.

paypal donate

On behalf of Chris and Sue we thank you for your support,


A few updates from Chris Pish himself,
January 6th, 2014
Hey kids, how bout an update? So after 15 days in the hospital I am finally back home and getting some rest. Well I have been diagnosed with stage 4 and a wicked brain tumor and I’m still partially paralyzed on my right side.. I begin radiation next week on the brain mushrooms and my team is going to fuck that shit up. So I’m all in good spirits and confident being a stubborn fuck that I am. Now here is the shitty part. Two days after I was admitted and diagnosed my mother suffered a double aneurism and a stroke, she has been on life support ever since. We have decided based on her wishes to take her off life support and bring her home to be comfortable. I will keep you updated on her condition. Thanks for all your support and help, Fucking love you people, Cheers.

chris pish brain2

chris pish brain1

January 11th, 2014
Oh My Stars and Garters! A whole huge love to all my friends, family, family of friends, friends of strangers, people I never met before and just kind righteous people. Thank you for everything! Me and Sue Williams made our goal to get this brain mushroom out. This bitch is at 37.4 mm and growing everyday and with all your help it will hopefully be out Tuesday. We couldn’t have done it without all of you, so expect some hand jobs in return, lots of hand jobs. I will be in the hospital for the next week getting this taken care of. I thank you all again and if there is anything I can do for you…I sure as hell owe it now! Thanks again from me, Sue and my family for coming through for us in this time of need. You fuckin rock…all of you…Thanks for saving my life! Hopefully I will see you for a drink soon. Oh…enclosed are photos of my brain mushroom that you are all helping to obliterate….It’s fuckin huge!